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MastHerPeace Healing Retreat Boutique

Home Spa Luxury Facial and Body Treatment

Home Spa Luxury Facial and Body Treatment

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Our Luxury Home Spa services are referral and pre-approved. Safety for You and Your Professional Provider is of Our utmost importance. You may choose from Our Luxury Facial and Body Treatment services.


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***Complete Service request form***


Be sure to indicate who referred you and/or how we know each other. If approved, FULL PAYMENT is due within 3 days of approval or immediately if less than 24 hours of requested appointment time.

Details to Note:

* We require 30-45 minutes of set up and breakdown

* Children are not allowed to be unsupervised (yes, even though it's your home)

* We need access to a 3 Prong electrical outlet within 6ft of your desired set up.

* Ambiance music is encouraged either yours or we can provide

**** We operate with optimal integrity. We provide professional services and expect professional mannerisms from our clients.

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