About Me

There's no fancy beginning.  No exciting stories to share. There's nothing jaw dropping about how I started. It's a very simple and probably the most uninteresting story you've ever heard.

Still reading? Wow! Thanks a million.

My name is LaTrinda Moore. I am a vessel for healing.  I am a creative.  I am love. I am passionate.  I care. I provide all of my clients with service and merchandise that is pulled directly from my soul. As I say in my treatment room, "I give it like I like it."

My offerings range from the most renowned and requested spa treatments to the purest of health and wellness products. More recently, MastHerPeace has joined the creative collection.

Oh yeah. My beginning to this Affirmation began years ago as I discovered day after day how much I desire to see others well. There were few moments that I wasn't plotting how to make someone feel special.  Fast forward, I quit my job of 11 years in the school system to return to school to get my certification and ultimately license to be an Esthetician. The education and license only allowed me to do what I was gifted to do and be compensated.

What I didn't mention is that God also infused me with a craving for random artistic expression, particularly through writing.  Though I've written many things including letters, papers, poems and other mediums, I don't consider myself to be a poet or any other fancy title.  Nevertheless, I know that it's a gift from the Most High.  Fast forward, this is the pipeline from which MastHerPeace and other divine pieces of work were born.  Stay tuned...I may share more later. (Wink)

It is with the truest and most sincere heart that I wish you a blessed journey full of healing, strength, overwhelming love, success, prosperity and above all Peace.

Until we meet again,